Sinusol® Anti-Viral Cold Remedy 2oz

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A herbal blend of aromatic oils including Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Sweet Birch as well as an Anti-Viral ingredient. 

Dr. Bielory's Recommended Uses 
For patients suffering from allergy and sinus discomfort.
Recommended Dosage
Upon waking, as needed during the night and before bedtime
Directions for Use

1-2 sprays in each nostril upon waking, as needed and before bedtime

One of the key ingredients in Sinusol® Anti-Viral Cold Remedy is the eucalyptus essential oil. In the recent study a natural chemical compound called Citriodiol which is obtained from the essential oil of the lemon-scented gum consisting of citronellal from the eucalyptus citriodora tree had been found to be able to support the body's immune system according to preliminary study by Britain's defense laboratory.

Sinusol® Anti-Viral is designed from essential oils and extracts to provide a refreshingly strong invigorating experience with a proprietary formulation. 

Sinusol® Anti-Viral is designed from essential oils and extracts to provide a refreshingly strong and invigorating experience with a proprietary formulation that has been in use since 1995.

Sinusol® Anti-Viral is a nasal lavage and mucus solvent to help clear blocked nasal passages and provide a “drug-free” relief from nasal congestion and irritation associated with allergies, sinusitis, head colds and post-nasal drip.  Sinusol Anti-Viral’s key ingredient has been shown to inhibit binding for specific properties of influenza.  Some data has shown that our main ingredient might have an effect on the nasal corona and other viruses. 

Sinusol Anti-Viral provides daily relief from Nasal Congestion and seasonal allergens.  Our mucus dissolving essential oils and extracts aids in relief from postnasal drip as well as helps moisturize and clean nasal passages


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